A tool to quantify the patient journey

Quantifying the patient journey

Care at home and preventive care are becoming more crucial as the number of patients is growing, while the number of care professionals does not keep up. We need to develop innovations and care paths that are patient-centered, value-based, and provide the right care in the right place. These can only be created with a true understanding of the needs, experiences, and lifestyles of patients.

Qaring is a TU Delft spin-off. Our invention provides this essential understanding of patients’ lives, by analyzing and interpreting the largest available data source for patient experiences; the stories that patients share online. From these stories, we gain insights into thousands of patients’ lives that are visualized in a quantified journey map. This overview is the starting point for preventive care innovations that truly match the patient’s life.

With the TTT, our team wants to take the first steps in bringing this valuable technology to the market. We aim to create an impact in the healthcare system, improve the quality of patients’ lives and prevent health complications. We will accomplish this by researching the healthcare market, and finding out which market will work best as our beachhead market to take the first steps to create a viable business case.


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