Cost-effective CO2 capture from the atmosphere

Commercialization of a new approach to direct air capture developed at the University of Twente

ReCarbn is developing a technology to capture CO2 from the air. This technology is required at scale to mitigate climate change. Several companies attempt to commercialize DAC but fail because of high associated energy costs and low productivity. The novel technology of ReCarbn developed at the University of Twente, can circumvent these inefficiency issues. Compared to current market leaders, the technology of ReCarbn achieves a 30% reduction in energy consumption and 3x improved productivity. These efficiency gains result in capture cost savings making the process commercially attractive for industry use. The new reactor design has successfully been demonstrated as our first pilot, capturing 4 tons of CO2/year.

The TTT-CT ticket is used to validate the technical and commercial viability of the university spin-off. The performed activities include:

  1.  Conducting a freedom-to-operate study with patent attorneys
  2.  Developing an automated flow for data extraction and analysis of pilot plant performance
  3.  Interviewing potential customers to validate the match of problem and solution
  4.  Developing a customer engagement roadmap (how to retain customer attention to buy when the commercial product is ready)

As the next steps, ReCarbn plans to do co-development projects with potential customers and adjust the product to integrate with a particular market fit.


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