Masterclass negotiation skills
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Masterclass negotiation skills

Masterclass Negotiation Skills

13:00 - 17:00
Seats2Meet, Amersfoort CS


From dealterms, to employment conditions, office rent to sales, negotiation is ‘part of the game’ for an entrepreneur. Adding the art of negotiation to your skillset will help building your business and could add more fun to the process as well.

You cannot win negotiations with rational arguments. You will only get your way if you use the right psychological insights. During a negotiation, your human skills are continuously tested. How well are you able to assess what your conversation partners are thinking and doing? Are they interested in your proposal? How much are they willing to offer? Are they serious, or are they playing a game with you? Negotiation expert George van Houtem knows better than anyone how people behave during a negotiation.

George van Houtem is author of books like ‘Onderhandelen wanneer het heet wordt’ and ‘De psychologie van het onderhandelen’. He is a partner of Holland Consulting Group and director of the HCG Negotiation Institute. He guides negotiations, mediates in conflicts, and trains and coaches negotiation skills and techniques.


Masterclass negotiation skills

Nico Nijenhuis

Business Developer
Masterclass negotiation skills

Rogier de Haan

Business Developer
Masterclass negotiation skills

George van Houtem

Partner of Holland Consulting Group


12:30 | 13:00

Walk in, coffee & tea

13:00 | 13:15

Welcome and introduction

by Esther Rodijk

13:15 | 15:00

Masterclass Negotiation Skills

by George van Houtem

15:00 | 15:30


15:30 | 16:30

New focus point and Group Assignment

16:30 | 17:00

Evaluation, closure and drinks


Seats2Meet, Stationsplein 49, Amersfoort (Central trainstration)

Seats2Meet, Amersfoort CS station Amersfoort, Stationsplein, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Participation is free of charge but not without obligation. Please let us know in advance if you can’t make it.

Registration is closed. For questions, please contact Monique Snippers,



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