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About TTT

We help good ideas grow. The Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) program supports researchers in taking their research ideas to the next level, validating them and founding a successful spin-off. Combining the strengths of the four technical universities in the Netherlands with that of TNO, we stimulate, support and expedite the development of promising spin-off businesses.

Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) is a cooperative alliance between the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) of TNO and 4TU (Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology, the University of Twente, and Wageningen University & Research), and two tech-focused Dutch venture capital funds, Innovation Industries and SHIFT Invest.

Within TTT, the KTOs work together with the fund managers, jointly deploying their combined knowledge and network to support high-tech spin-offs. From an early stage, researchers and young spin-offs can turn to TTT for advice, access to our network, and funding. With our joint approach, we efficiently and effectively expedite the practical application of promising research.

TTT has an extensive shared network and we possess comprehensive insight into the market. Our combined strengths make us an interesting partner for investors and businesses alike. As a result, communication with potential follow-up financiers is established at an early stage. These are important ingredients for (potential) spin-off businesses that help them make a promising start and successfully develop into organizations with real impact. The TTT program is co-funded with subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science.

The TTT program consists of two pillars: pillar 1 focuses on researchers that plan on spinning off a company, and pillar 2 focuses on recently founded spin-offs.

With our track record, we support researchers with helpful advice. We also offer financial support in the form of tickets (pillar 1). These can be used for Proof of Concept (PoC) and Business Development (BD) activities:

  • PoC activities focus on the technical feasibility or improvement of a new technological innovation, service, or process. Think of e.g. creating demonstrations, making test batches, testing and preparing the knowledge for utilization.
  • BD activities, meanwhile, are centered around the substantiation of the initial plans and ideas needed to build a viable company and successfully market the new technology/innovation. This includes the development of value propositions, business models, revenue models, contacts with the market/industry, making samples available for testing on the market, market research, initiatives to strengthen the intended team, etcetera.

For young spin-offs, we also offer initial financing, typically in the form of convertible loans intended to become investor-ready (pillar 2). This part of the TTT support is delivered by Innovation Industries (Smart Industry) and SHIFT Invest (Circular Technology). In addition to capital, these professional VC funds provide hands-on support for the newly found spin-offs through their extensive knowledge, experience, and above all their networks in both the financial and industrial sector.

The TTT tickets and convertible loans are available to researchers and young spin-offs. The research or the business activities in question must fall within the scope of TTT’s themes, tie into one of the theme’s key technologies, and strive towards a suitable business model.

To apply for a ticket, you must submit a brief and concise proposal that covers – at minimum – the following elements:

  • A description of the technology and the (potential) market
  • A description of the activities and their planning
  • A clear description of verifiable results
  • A public summary

Precedence will be given to initiatives that involve collaboration between multiple TTT partners. The application must clearly show that the possibilities for cross-over collaboration were actively studied. The considerations that were made must be described clearly.

Keywords in the proposal are: Technology & Product, IP position, Technology Validation & Roadmap, Competition & Substitutes, Team & Key roles, Commercial Validation, Value Proposition & Business Model, Business case & Financials.


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