Creating food without agricultural land

Liberating animal food production and agricultural land and rewilding the planet

Farmless, a Dutch startup, is using fermentation to produce carbon-negative, functional proteins with a complete amino acid profile. This technology, will decouple food production from agricultural land. Instead of using sugar, Farmless is pushing the fermentation frontier using a liquid feedstock which can be made with renewable energy. Just carbon dioxide, water a nitrogen source and some basic minerals. This makes Farmless’ process dramatically more resource- and land efficient than animal farming, requiring 10-25x less land than plant protein and 250-500x less than animal protein. With the TTT-CT tickets Farmless has been able to use many of the excellent facilities of the Wageningen University and Research to properly understand the functional properties of the food and its applications. It was found that the protein has best in class functional properties compared to current available plant proteins.  After that, Farmless was able to kick start and develop very rapidly. A first pre-seed investment round in May from solid partners by partners such as Revent, Nucleus Capital, and Possible Ventures was initiated. Farmless, the Amsterdam-based fermentation startup, has raised another €4.8 million seed round in December co-led by World Fund and Vorwerk Ventures, with participation from Revent. The company will use these funds to build a pilot protein brewery in Amsterdam, develop its fermentation platform, and continue the process of regulatory approval.


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