An injectable bone filler for treatment of prosthetic joint infections induced osteomyelitis

INjectable BOne-mimicking gels for Regenerative Nanomedicine (INBORN) is an innovative spin-off company (in oprichting) created at Radboudumc that specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced regenerative nanomedicine solutions based on proprietary colloidal gel technology. In previous work at Radboudumc, INBORN’s gels were proven to exhibit excellent cyto/biocompatibility and therapeutic efficacy, providing a tissue-friendly environment for cellular infiltration, migration, and tissue remodeling. The injectable nature of INBORN’s gels offers significant advantages over traditional regenerative therapies. These gels can be easily administered through minimally invasive procedures, enabling precise delivery to target sites, and facilitating enhanced therapeutic efficiency and tissue integration.
Orthopedics will be used as first launching platform for INBORN’s technology, where our gels will be utilized for the treatment of the degenerative bone disease osteomyelitis, by simultaneously providing local antibiotics over a sufficient time-period, preventing bone tissue loss and promoting bone regeneration.
However, the envisaged applications of INBORN’s gels can span across several medical fields and tissues, including orthopedics, dentistry, wound care, and tissue engineering. The goal of this project is therefore to evaluate the market potential, define customer groups and understand the competition landscape and beyond.


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