Lignin-Based Flame Retardants

Biobased Lignin-based flame retardants to substitute, toxic, fossil-based flame-retardant in polymers

Our supported innovation is the Lignin-Nano-Carrier platform-technology. With LNC for biobased encapsulation of flame-retardant-additives and incorporation in various polymer matrices we open up unimagined potentials for savings and sustainability in the field of flame-retardant polymers and thus contribute to the goal of a green circular economy.

With the TTT-CT ticket, a market analysis of the technology and LNC flame-retardants was carried out, combined with flammability testing in the laboratory.
The results showed that biopolymer-based flame-retardant additives will become increasingly important in the future due to new legislation and trends. It was possible to show that phosphorus compounds (encapsulated) will play a major role in the future, since a good flame-retardant effect can be achieved, and legal bans are not expected very soon. Through LNC encapsulation, phosphorus-based flame-retardant additives can be incorporated particularly well in various polymer matrices and at the same time their necessary quantity of phosphorus compounds for the same flame-retardant quantity can be drastically reduced. This can not only enable great savings potential in the amount of toxic flame-retardant additives used to achieve a certain flame-retardant effect, but also make flame retardants more resource-saving, bio-based and cost-efficient.


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