Time-travelling Milkman

Sustainable Creaminess

Time-travelling Milkman
Time-travelling Milkman develops sustainable fat ingredients that improve the texture and taste of dairy alternatives.
Time-travelling Milkman

The fat ingredients that are currently used for dairy alternatives either do not give the required consistency or, like palm and coconut oil, are unhealthy and unsustainable. If no tasty and sustainable fat options are offered, the protein transition cannot succeed.

Time-travelling Milkman, a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research, has developed a technology to produce creamy unsaturated fat ingredients by extracting fat droplets from European seeds. These fat droplets, called oleosomes, can be used as milk fat equivalents. In this way, a locally produced and sustainable product is offered that simultaneously improves the taste and texture of plant-based dairy alternatives.

Time-travelling Milkman has a clear plan on how they want to achieve their ambitions and has found a solid partner in SHIFT Invest. SHIFT Invest will support the young company with knowledge, network and capital. With the investment from SHIFT Invest Time-travelling Milkman will be able to scale up and optimize its production on an industrial scale.

The investment is made within pillar 2 of the TTT Circular Technology program. Pillar 2 is the part of the TTT program that manages venture capital funding of the spin-off companies.

Time-travelling Milkman will help consumers to choose for dairy alternatives and will thus contribute to the acceleration of the protein transition.


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