Development of high-throughput alpha spectrometer to ensure the quality control of radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment

Alpha radionuclide therapy holds great promise in the treatment of metastasized tumours. However, quality control is essential between radiopharmaceutical production and treatment. This is where the high throughput alpha spectrometer comes in

Alpha spectrometry is a powerful radioanalytical technique with high sensitivity. However, commercial spectrometers have a major drawback: low throughput and require expert interpretation for a final assessment of radiopharmaceutical quality. Our device addresses these issues, designed for streamlined use in hospitals. It performs rapid quality checks of radiopharmaceuticals right after (or even during) production, just before treatment. It is compact, mobile, and operates without a vacuum chamber, thanks to a disposable sample changer.

Moreover, our device is equipped with a built-in algorithm that eliminates the need for expert interpretation of the alpha spectrum. Our alpha spectrometer’s algorithm and design can be easily modified to support other applications, such as position-sensitive detection, opening up possibilities for new products in the medical field. Our product will help improve the efficient use of existing radiopharmaceuticals, speeding up the testing of new ones, and resulting in more cost-efficient treatment and faster acceptance of newly developed alpha radiation-based therapies.


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