Keiron: update

Industrializing LIFT technology to enable next-gen Electronics

Keiron: update
KEIRON is a TNO spin-off developing printing systems based on LIFT technology for the electronics industry.

Keiron Printing Technologies integrates Laser Induced Forward Transfer technology, with its exclusive process knowledge coming from TNO at Holst Centre, in printing equipment for the industry of electronics manufacturing and microfluidics.

LIFT technology is a novel printing method that enables high speed, waste efficient, and flexible printing of highly viscous inks. Being a non-contact method, it allows for printing on both flat and uneven surfaces, which grants its users new form factors to design innovative products.

Conventional methods are outdated, wasteful, and do not allow for 2.5D design flexibility. With its printing systems, KEIRON is aiming to overhaul the way conductive traces are produced for microfluidic chips and industrial and consumer electronics, being an enabler of the next generation of products that can have a real, sustainable impact.

With the TTT convertible loan, KEIRON has developed its first-ever Lab Tool, which implements improvements over the original LIFT setup in terms of accuracy and reproducibility, and enables the company to scale up its R&D activities with potential clients. The Lab Tool is also crucial in developing new process knowledge, that will serve as a basis to be implemented in high volume manufacturing equipment.


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