Changing the world of chemical aromatics

Relement converts biomass residues into high-quality chemical ingredients; bio-aromatics.

Aromatics are essential ingredients for coatings, lubricants and other high-quality applications and provide unique properties to products, like hardness or UV-stability. 40% of all chemical building blocks are aromatics, and nowadays aromatics are only produced from fossil feedstock and are thus not sustainable.

But the world is changing fast; there is a need for other, more sustainable solutions. TNO spin-off Relement creates valuable bio-based specialty aromatics from renewable biomass residues. These bio-aromatics are not only more sustainable, but often also offer better quality and performance compared to benchmark molecules derived from fossil feedstocks.

The TTT Circular Technology program provided Relement with a Proof of Concept ticket. The ticket was used to create a development plan and make actual test samples for hemi-mellitic acid (HMA) esters. HMA is a tri-functional aromatic compound, which Relement produced in a sustainable way. Wageningen University & Research turned these into HMA polyesters to explore its potential in various applications. The promising results were used to start discussions with potential launching customers and set-up business relationships.

Relement creates valuable and specialty bio-based  aromatics from renewable biomass residues. This results in better aromatics, better end-products and above all: a better world. All elements matter.


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