FUL Foods

Unlocking the health and sustainability benefits of microalgae

FUL Foods
A new standard for sustainability and nutrition with carbon-negative microalgae-based food ingredients.
FUL Foods

Our current food system takes its toll on the environment, bearing responsibility for around 25% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. What if the food and drinks we consume would in fact benefit our environment and health?

FUL Foods has developed a trademarked sustainable ingredient through a proprietary biorefinery of microalgae, which require no arable land for production and are more efficient in capturing CO2 than trees. FUL Foods’ first flagship product “FUL” is a light, refreshing beverage bursting with natural nutrition, plant-based protein, and immune-boosting properties.

FUL Foods helps a new generation of consumers to reduce their carbon footprint whilst improving their health and satisfying their cravings.

Founded in 2020, FUL Foods received an investment from Shift Invest within pillar 2 of the TTT Circular Technology program. Pillar 2 is the part of the TTT program that manages venture capital funding of the spin-off.


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