Insulation foams from cellulose derivatives.

Developing a process for and product of insulation foams based on thermoplastic cellulose derivatives.

A fully biobased insulation foam composition based on cellulose derivatives with good insulation properties was developed with the aid of the proof of concept ticket. The composition is not biodegradable (under ambient conditions), so this product appears to be perfect applicable for sustainable insulation purposes.

During the study, several cellulose derivatives, nucleating and blowing agents were tested. It is now shown that multiple cellulose derivatives can be made suitable for this product, making it less dependable on one supplier. A 3-step process was reduced to a 2-step process while improving density and cell properties. This makes the process cheaper and faster. The option of a commonly used blowing agent is proven, paving the road for an easy replacement of currently used thermoplastic foams.

The next step is to go for a 1-step process that is industrially scalable. Also, the composition can be further optimized to improve the properties of the foam.


Smart Industry

Nico Nijenhuis

Circular Technology

Maurits Burgering


Esther Rodijk

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