Electrochemical ammonia synthesis from NOx

Conversion of harmful nitrogen oxides emissions to agricultural fertilizers, using only electricity and water as inputs.

With the support of the TTT proof of concept voucher, we were able to explore the commercial potential of our invention. We have investigated industrially relevant operation conditions in terms of gas composition, flow rates, and required ammonia production capacity. Furthermore, as the scaling of technology from the lab towards a commercial product also implies the development of a business case, the TTT voucher has greatly helped in this direction. The inventors have conducted a techno-economic assessment of the technology, to understand under which industrial conditions it can provide the highest added-value and impact. Subsequently, the business case that was developed made our subsequent funding applications stronger, leading to two grants being awarded for further development of the technology (NWO Take off 1 and NWO Faculty of Impact). For the next step, we will focus on scaling up our technology, from a single lab-scale electrochemical cell to a cell stack, and on business development activities.


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Nico Nijenhuis

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Esther Rodijk

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