Empowering cities to breathe

A bioreceptive concrete solution that facilitates spontaneous moss growth and thus creates a natural breathing system for the city.

Respyre is a TU Delft spin-off focusing on the valorization of a unique scientific cross-over between material science and biology. The company’s aim is to make cities greener by developing building materials that facilitate spontaneous moss growth. Moss is a resilient plant that provides numerous benefits to the environment while not requiring much maintenance. It is incredibly well suited for green facades as moss has non-destructive rhizoids instead of roots.

Respyre has developed  an innovative – patent pending – bioreceptive concrete solution. Several unique characteristics of the concrete make it bioreceptive. This includes its porosity and water retainment, micropore texture, acidity and nutrients that are included in the mixture. Altogether, it creates the perfect setting for moss to thrive on.

The TTT Circular Technology program provided Respyre with a Proof of Concept ticket. An essential contribution, as stated by Mark de Kruijff, founder and CEO of Respyre. The TTT-ticket enabled the spin-off to take some major steps in the development of an applicable sustainable concrete product on which moss can easily lodge.

Next step is to validate the product and quantify the benefits. Real life demonstration projects in the user environment are planned in Amsterdam (AMS Institute, Amsterdam Marine Area and ‘Bijlmerbajes’ prison tower) and Wageningen (Wageningen University &  Research).


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