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Revolutionizing Agriculture

SAIA Agrobotics – SI
Bringing the revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture.
SAIA Agrobotics

SAIA has a mission to bring the revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture, thereby solving the labor problems in this sector, whilst providing the world a more sustainable solution for future food security.

Worldwide, there is high pressure on agriculture to automate further. Nobody wants to do this type of physical labor anymore. Food prices are rising fast. Although the world produces enough calories to feed 20 billion people today, yields in fresh foods have to increase sustainably to provide a healthy meal. We strongly believe robotics is the answer.

SAIA is a spin-off from Wageningen University & Research, the highest-ranked R&D institution for agriculture tech. SAIA creates robotics and A.I. solutions to automate tasks in the greenhouse to make food production more resource-efficient and less labor dependant.


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