XS Innovations

Vascular access only when the patient needs it

XS Innovations
Vascular access only when the patient needs it
XS Innovations

XS Innovations is a (pre) spin-off of LUMC and TUDelft, their invention is a fully implantable device that allows the arteriovenous conduit to be non-invasively opened and closed: the Dynamic Arteriovenous Fistula.

End-stage renal disease is a long-term health problem which affects the structure and function of the kidney. In 2018 this affected ~2.5 million patients in the 7 Major Markets. These patients are largely dependent on dialysis as renal replacement therapy, with hemodialysis the most popular option (~85% of patients). For chronic hemodialysis, an adequately functioning high-flow vascular access is required, which is usually achieved by surgical creation of an arteriovenous fistula between a vein and artery in the arm. However, the durability of AVFs in providing high-flow vascular access is far from optimal, with ~40% requiring surgical intervention within 1 year. Additionally, ~80% develops secondary cardiovascular issues in the long term. Virtually all AVF complications are caused by the constantly elevated and turbulent flow resulting from the AVF. However, the high flow is only necessary during dialysis sessions which rarely exceed 12 hrs/week. Our invention provides the opportunity to create a dynamic AV access in which the high flow is only present during the dialysis sessions (fig. 1a). After these sessions the AVF is closed to return the circulation to normal (fig. 1b), thereby avoiding vascular access complications that result from the permanent high-flow in the current access conduits.


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